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Analysis on several safety protection measures of buried oil tank area

Source:Ansheng  Date:2018-04-25
Many skid-mounted gas stations have a very fixed number of customers for a long time. Due to the gradual increase in oil demand, oil storage equipment needs to be added. Deep-buried oil storage tanks have become the first choice. The requirements for safety measures are very strict. Today we will introduce to you some of the major safety protection measures in deep underground oil tank areas.
1. The industry regulations shall be followed for the fire and tank cleaning operations of oil pipelines in the storage area of ​​skid-mounted gas stations.
2. The fire protection and explosion protection of oil storage tanks and storage tank areas shall be in accordance with the regulations of GB50183 and GB50074. Low multiple air foam fire extinguishing system shall be in accordance with GB50151.
3. Non-explosion-proof electrical equipment and high-voltage overhead lines should not be installed in the storage tank area.
4. The amount of oil in the oil storage tank should be operated in a safe tank.
5. Ducted hose compensator should be installed in the oil tank inlet and outlet pipelines.
6. The fire storage dyke shall be set up in the storage tank area according to regulations, and the fire dyke shall be kept intact.
7. The light-transmitting hole, gauge hole cover and gasket on the top of the oil storage tank should be kept intact, and the hole cover should be tightly covered. The oil metering port should be fitted with a non-sparking metal gasket.
8. Every spring, the lightning protection and anti-static grounding device should be fully inspected, and the ground resistance value should meet the requirements.
9. The top of the oil storage tank should be free of oil and water. Storage tank inlet and outlet pipelines and valves shall be insulated.
10. The base of breathing valve and hydraulic safety valve on oil tank of skid-mounted gas station should be installed with flame arrester. Fire arresters are checked at least once a quarter.
11. If the oil storage tank catches fire, you should immediately report and stop all operations on the oil storage tank. Organize fire fighting and initiate emergency plans in a timely manner.
12. Two flexible copper wires with a cross-sectional area of ​​not less than 25mm should be connected between the pontoon of the floating roof tank and the tank wall.
13. The steel oil storage tank should be equipped with a lightning protection and anti-static grounding device, and its grounding resistance should not be greater than 10Ω. The grounding point should be set at least one place every 30m along the bottom of the tank, and the grounding of a single tank should not be less than two.
14. When the condensate oil level is higher than the heating coil, the steam riser should be used for heating first. After the condensate is dissolved, the steam coil should be used for heating.
15. Chemical fiber clothing and shoes with iron spikes should not be worn. Non-explosion-proof flashlights should not be turned on or off at the tank top.
16. The storage area of ​​skid-mounted gas station should be kept tidy, and there should be no hay, no oil pollution, and no combustibles in the fire protection dyke.
17. The drainage system of the storage tank area shall be provided with water-sealed wells; the drainage pipe shall be provided with a valve outside the fire dyke; when the oil tank is drained, it shall be supervised by a person to timely remove the residual oil in the water-sealed well.
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