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Technical features of skid-mounted refueling device
1. Safety and explosion-proof performance The new barrier explosion-proof technology provides safety guarantee for the storage and transportation of flammable and explosive dangerous chemicals. This technology is derived from the US military standard ......
How to choose barrier explosion-proof materials
Both metal filling materials and non-metal filling materials will have a good explosion-proof and explosion-proof effect on the fuel tank, and no charge accumulation will occur during use. How to choose materials? The advantages of the mesh aluminum a ......
Precautions during use and installation of gas storage tank
A gas storage tank is a device used to store gas. The appearance of the gas storage tank is just an ordinary tank. There are no magic parts or complicated packaging, but it plays an important role in daily life and production. So pay special attentio ......
Introduce common sense in use of skid gas station
Safety explosion protection: The oil storage tank transformed by the barrier explosion-proof technology has achieved intrinsic safety. No explosion will occur in the event of an accident. Even if a fire occurs, it will block the flame combustion, slo ......
Why do gas stations regularly clean oil storage tanks?
The cleanliness of the oil storage tank at the gas station will affect the quality of the oil. During the use of the long-term untreated double-layer oil storage tank, there will be many problems such as pipeline blockage, scaling, corrosion, and poor ......
Why can explosion-proof skid-mounted gas stations be fireproof and explosion-proof?
The oil storage tank of the barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted refueling device must be filled with YTSH barrier explosion-proof materials according to requirements, which is a mandatory requirement of national standards. Explosion-proof barrier ma ......
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