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Introduce common sense in use of skid gas station

Source:Ansheng  Date:2019-11-26
Safety explosion protection: The oil storage tank transformed by the barrier explosion-proof technology has achieved intrinsic safety. No explosion will occur in the event of an accident. Even if a fire occurs, it will block the flame combustion, slow down the flame propagation speed, and significantly reduce the flame height. Conducive to fire fighting.
Environmental protection and energy saving: It has the effect of suppressing the volatilization of oil and gas. Under the same state, the oil and gas volatilization concentration of the storage tank device that has been modified by the barrier explosion-proof technology is higher than that of the storage tank that has not been modified. The oil and gas volatile concentration has been reduced by 43%, bringing considerable benefits to enterprises and society, and effectively reducing environmental pollution.
Protection of water resources: anti-corrosion and anti-leakage of double-walled oil storage tanks, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting groundwater resources, and at the same time can extend the service life of the tank, especially for those who have not been cleaned and maintained for a long time and are in a critically sensitive position. Gas station storage tanks are even more significant.
Low operating cost, safety and reliability: The safety and explosion-proof function of blocking the explosion-proof oil storage tank is not affected by changes in internal and external conditions (such as power outages, water outages, gas outages, monitoring and automatic control device failures, etc.) without the need to add additional Auxiliary equipment can eliminate the danger of explosion and fire accidents in the oil storage tank under any circumstances.
Anti-static accumulation: During the process of oil loading and unloading, static electricity at the wall of the metal container can be connected to prevent electrostatic accumulation.
Fire extinguishing is simple: If the oil measuring hole catches fire and the flame height does not exceed 30 cm, just cover the oil measuring hole with a fire blanket and the flame will go out.
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