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Precautions during use and installation of gas storage tank

Source:Ansheng  Date:2019-11-29
A gas storage tank is a device used to store gas. The appearance of the gas storage tank is just an ordinary tank. There are no magic parts or complicated packaging, but it plays an important role in daily life and production. So pay special attention to some things during daily use and installation.
First, the gas storage tank should be used in a clean and tidy environment during use, so that the working environment will not affect the normal operation and use of the machine.
Second, because the gas storage tank does not have any complicated components, it is easy to make people mistakenly think that regular maintenance and maintenance are not needed, but in fact, it needs to be checked regularly. Safety valves and pressure gauges must be checked every year to ensure the normality of the machine use.
3. During the use, pay special attention to the maintenance of the safety valve. If air leakage occurs, the safety valve will respond quickly. If the safety valve does not respond in this case, you must immediately stop the machine and check for failures. Cause, or find a professional repair machine to carry out on-site inspection and maintenance care.
The gas storage tank itself is still a certain degree of danger, so the usual use process and subsequent maintenance must be extra careful. Good maintenance and normal use can make the machine safer and increase its service life.
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