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Six valuable construction quality management experiences

Source:Ansheng  Date:2020-03-03
"The quality of construction is everyone's responsibility." High-quality projects are managed and controlled, not fabricated. The control of construction quality is an important issue that must be faced by managers on every construction site.
Here are some six valuable experiences for construction quality management, I hope to help everyone.
First, proper handling of quality problems
1. Easily rework or change the construction method before understanding the problem. In fact, the real cause and problem of the problem are covered up, and similar problems will inevitably be encountered in the future;
2. There is a quality problem during construction. To find the source of the problem, if remedial measures can be taken, try not to rework and avoid causing greater costs.
3. In the case of rework, it is necessary to find out whether it is a drawing design problem. The amount of visa-related work must be supervised and Party A must be present to witness it, and the video data must be kept and recorded.
Second, the construction details should be tracked in place
1. The quality of the construction depends on many factors. There are management responsibilities and the quality of the workers' work. Do not ignore any details.
2. The details of any construction are controlled by data as much as possible, and construction records are made;
3. Process details should be controlled and traced, otherwise it will affect whether corrective measures can be taken in time and the next quality and safety precautions should be done.
How to deal with urgent problems
1. When you encounter a problem, you must not be impetuous. You must calmly come up with a solution;
2. When you find an abnormal situation, don't ignore it because it has nothing to do with the job you are responsible for. You must take the initiative. If it is too late to report, you must take emergency measures. Construction management is the entire team, and our interests are closely related;
3. When you can't find the cause of the problem, you can't sit still. You must organize relevant people to discuss and develop the most reasonable solution;
4. Review some of the previously summarized experiences and rules. You can also learn from other people ’s good practices in other construction sites, and according to the actual situation of the current construction site, make certain improvements and implement the application;
5. "A bank of thousands of miles is destroyed in an ant's nest", and you can't let go of any minor problems that may cause hidden dangers; you also need to know "Yugong Yishan". Any difficult problem, if you break it into several small pieces and do it step by step, you will Much easier.
Twenty-four, we must learn to "worry the sky"
1. The highest state of construction quality management is prevention, not how to save after a problem occurs; it is absolutely necessary to "worry about construction quality".
2. There must be signs before any quality problems appear, depending on whether you have methods, means and experience to monitor and identify;
3. In the same construction method, when the same quality problem is repeated for the second time, it should be paid great attention;
4. The daily construction process and important treatment measures should be sorted out in a certain way, and the relevant construction quality management deficiencies or cleverness should be found from the sorted data and clearly marked;
5. Regular meetings should be held between departments and internal personnel to communicate and coordinate with some problems encountered during the construction site management process, and discuss the problems that may occur in the later stages, so as to take corresponding measures to prevent them in advance.
Fifth, to control the operator
1. Be sure to provide technical briefings to the team leader and construction operators before starting construction, and emphasize the construction details of some important parts and important links;
2. Workers are working as "one day monk hits the clock". Do not hope that construction workers can guarantee the quality of construction. The looser the management, the more they will work lazily.
3. The quality of construction is from construction. The quality of construction workers can never be guaranteed without strict management of construction workers;
4. Pay attention to the performance and status of each construction operator, and manage and mobilize according to these performances and status;
5. If the performance and status of the workers are not controlled, once there is a quality problem, you will never be able to analyze the exact cause;
6. Do not think that the control requirements in the current construction management process have been met, the construction quality is absolutely no problem, and strict management throughout the process is not easy.
7. The control requirements of the construction process must be continuously improved, and people must be managed well.
26. Lessons Learned
1. It is necessary to refer to the opinions of others, do not think that others are unclear about the actual situation, or cannot solve the problem at once, their opinions have no value. "Taking the essence and removing the dross" is the most wise choice;
2, especially front-line operators, often have a relatively unique understanding of the construction process, can give us a lot of tips and reminders at critical moments;
3. If you can solve this problem, anyone's opinions and suggestions can be ignored; but when the problem cannot be solved, it is suggested that anyone's opinions and suggestions should be listened to and should be consulted, whether you like or disagree, do The project is not to build cars behind closed doors. To learn from each other's strengths and improve the quality of construction, it is the most practical.
4. Be good at capturing the details of other people's speech. Some people often say something inadvertently, which can have a good effect on the quality of construction that is difficult to control.
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