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Several sealing products commonly used in modern industry

Source:Ansheng  Date:2020-03-29
 graphite gasket
Graphite gaskets can be divided into graphite composite gaskets and flexible graphite gaskets according to the material. Graphite composite gaskets are punched or cut from reinforced graphite plates. It has good corrosion resistance, high / low temperature resistance, and good Compression resilience and high strength.
Metal wound gasket
There are three main types:
Octagonal and oval gaskets-suitable for trapezoidal groove flange sealing surfaces
The spur tooth form is a tapered corrugation processed on the metal flat gasket sealing surface-suitable for concave and convex flange sealing surfaces
Lens pads-suitable for lens flange sealing surfaces
Metal gaskets include pure iron, extremely soft steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials
The machining accuracy and surface roughness of metal gasket sealing surfaces are very high, and the pressing force of bolts is very high. It is used in high temperature and high pressure valves.
Metal-coated graphite gasket
The is made of thin metal-wrapped annular asbestos gasket. Generally used on concave and convex flange sealing surfaces. Suitable for higher temperature and pressure valves
 Wound Gasket
Mixed and wound by corrugated metal tape and sealing material tape. There are steel belts-asbestos, steel belts-PTFE, steel belts-flexible graphite. Generally used for concave and convex flange sealing surfaces. Suitable for medium pressure valves at higher temperatures.
Teflon gasket
It is mainly made of PTFE and glass-fiber PTFE. It is generally used for tongue and groove sealing surface. It is used in highly corrosive medium with various pressures at lower temperature.
 Asbestos rubber gasket
Generally made of asbestos board, acid-resistant asbestos board, oil-resistant asbestos board, metal wire asbestos board and other materials. Suitable for smooth flange sealing surfaces, concave and convex flange sealing surfaces and tongue and groove flange sealing surfaces. The advantages are good corrosion resistance and thermal stability, good plasticity, and a small pressing force to ensure sealing. The disadvantage is that the strength is low and it is easy to stick to the flange sealing surface. Asbestos rubber gaskets have universal asbestos plates and anti-corrosion asbestos plates, which are used in higher temperature medium pressure valves.
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